Monday, December 23, 2013

Facebook to Quora Migration

Now that Quora is the next big thing where all the cool guys are hanging out, it is time to migrate there. This post presents a guide to migrating all your content including posts, photos, videos, polls, notes from Facebook to Quora.

Achievement posts
instead of

now it is,

Actually, the Facebook post should have been more like this

Life events
Life events can be added as well

changes to

or perhaps this

The above were dummy examples, the following is a real practical example of sharing your life on Quora.

Year in review
Facebook has a new feature called year in review which can be shared in public or on your timeline.

Why let a machine do your work when you can do it yourself on Quora? 

One doesn't have to stick to just accomplishments, frustrations can be shared as well.

can be changed to

If you don't want to share your frustration in answers, you can always share a new question instead.

We all know how you promote your accomplishments and frustration to the public and pay for it. Good news Quora has the same feature for free.

changes to

Quora as Instagram
Who says you can't post your food on Quora?

Relationship updates
can be posted here
The relationship is most likely going to end if you do this but there are plenty of fish so you might as well take a shot.

More Advertising

Paid advertising
Free advertising

So far, we have only used pre-existing questions, one can also post his own question to appropriately suit the answer she wants to write.

Witty posts

Funny photos and videos

(yep, a question on the most hillarious pie charts still counts as a knowledge question)


Getting attention
To get someone's attention, one can either PM him/her or vote up/thank/share a users posts and/or comments.

So, in summary, Quora is the new Facebook (and 9gag) and it may be worth an engineer's time to write a script and an automated classifier to classify content into an appropriate category and migrate all Facebook posts to Quora. If you haven't noticed the sarcasm yet, please read more posts on my blog.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Quora in a nutshell

What are some of the most mind-blowing farts you have ever heard or smelt?

1870 votes by Rajdeep Kumar, Abhinav Vaidya, (more)

My mother's . And yes, yours too.

13+ comments - share (2) - Thank - Report - 8 Mar

Balaji Viswanathan
4873 votes by Ashray AdappaSiddharth KulkarniArjun S Nath, (more)

Colloquially, flatulence may be referred to as "farting", "passing gas", "breaking wind" or simply (in American English) "gas" or (British English) "wind".
  • Flatus (intestinal gas) is mostly produced as a byproduct of bacterial fermentation in the gastrointestinal  tract, especially the colon. There are reports of aerophagia (excessive air swallowing) causing excessive intestinal gas, but this is considered rare. More than 99% of the volume of flatus is composed of non-odorant gases.
  • These include oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane. Nitrogen is not produced in the gut, but a component of environmental air. Patients who have excessive intestinal gas that is mostly composed of nitrogen may have aerophagia. Hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane are all produced in the gut and contribute 74% of the volume of flatus in normal subjects.
  • Methane and hydrogen are flammable, and so flatus containing adequate amounts of these can be ignited. However, not all humans produce flatus that contains methane. For example, in one study of the feces of nine adults, only five of the samples contained archaea capable of producing methane.
Hope that answers your question.

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Suresh Kumar
498 votes by Rajat Khandelwal, Karan Kumar, Lee Hanxue, (more)

It most certainly has to be this guy's though I haven't heard or smelt it first hand.
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What are some famous jokes or memes about farts?
Ayush Goel
324 votes by Song Zheng, Marc Bodnick, Vikram Rout (more)
Here I sit, broken hearted,
Tried to shit but only farted;

Then one day I took a chance,
Tried to fart but shit my pants!
14+ comments - share (3) - Thank - Report - 17 Jun

what are some of the funny incidents that you have come across while farting?
839 Anonymous
Once I was in IIT Delhi... (more)

What does Jimmy Wales feel about flatulence?
94 Jimmy Wales, I am Jimmy Wales and therefore have a reasonable amount of knowledge about what I think and what I have done.

This is the question that is currently tops in my "most asked to answer" list but of course that's a bit odd... (more)

What is it like to hear an IITian fart?
94 Sameer Jhunjhunwala, once an IITian always an IITian

In, one word, "Really Good".