Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hostel nites

"" ---- Oscar wilde

This is a continuation from my previous article. Well Duh!

One of the other hostels that I visited was JAM. The theme there was 'confusion'. At the entrance they had put up some dried grass, suggesting a barn yard theme. Inside, it was banyan tree themed. Then there was a crematory theme at the side. Then there was this pink coloured entrance drink. All the tube lights were wrapped with pink paper suggesting a hello kitty theme as I had predicted. The arbitrary sounds of woman shrieking at the top of her voice and zombies moaning at the bottom of his voice, that they had kept playing at the entrance did not match any of the other themes. Confusion it was! People weren't sure who was in charge of organizing the hostel night. There was a great confusion over who was in power. It was one among the literary secretary, the general secretary, the warden, and the Army. The hostel warden finally showed that he was all-powerful, by throwing a mango up in the air, in analogy with firing of a gun-shot, and marked the beginning of the hostel night.

Jam nite of 2009 will forever be known as the great ice-cream disaster. The jolly-olly man lost his patience and started shouting around at innocent civilians when asked for ice-cream. People criticised him for his actions, little thinking that he had family and children too. They needed all the boxes of ice-cream he was trying to save. The ice-cream part of the hostel night suggested the Thirupathi theme. The queue started all the way from the central library.

Then there was Pamba night. Pamba hostel was so small that they could not have caterers to prepare food. They did have a couple of waiters to serve food instead. There were room services and all the people had to enjoy Pamba night sitting in their rooms. The food was brought from SAC and served. Eventually they were all out of the Cheetos packets, the Bourbon biscuits and the five-star chocolates. Lots of people left the hostel hungry and headed out to Godav and Sarayu which offered a promising dinner. There was no theme. There was just a banner they had put up at the entrance of the hostel saying "This is Pamba night Please Note: our theme is 'Dark night' ".

The song M.Tech chali M.S chali was played in the hostel, indicating the departure of the old people. In the Music room of Pamba they held their cultural events. Some amateur bands practised some songs. CCW stall operator turned chairman Money and Model turned actor Idly gave their speeches. Money, the president of the region called staff occupied hostel-zone (POK) gave a speech that went something like "Who are you? Who are you guys? What do you want? Who are you? Why have you brought me here? Show me your ID cards. Who are you? Approach me through the cultural secretaries for things like these. What do you guys want..."

After that there was Sharaav night, it was held in a theatre because The Taj, where they live does not have space for over 20 people and they did not want it to get dirty. Yours arbitrarily had also been invited by a friend along with a few other members of the geek squad. The theatre was Jam packed, with more number of guys turning up than girls. The dean made a great observation that all the boys had unusually dressed up well. They were clean and neat, and the smell of the rotting dead deer around them had totally vanished. It is estimated that 10,000 liters of AXE deodorant was used up on that day.

As usual there were a lot of uninvited monkeys that turned up. This time they were after the ice-cream. Some of them took away whole boxes of ice-cream to their caves and burrows not caring about the high calorific content in them.

After the grand feast there was a guided trip to The Taj in the Amazon. On any ordinary night / day, even monkeys aren't allowed to enter The Taj. There are sniper operators at the terrace with 'shoot monkeys on sight' orders (to prevent monkeys to enter from the top) and since most monkeys don't have ID cards, they can't enter from the front either. This is the only night in the calendar where males are allowed in the hotel. Even the T.T room has only broken balls in it.

The Amazon women who lived in The Grand Taj had over 50 people working there, for the maintenance of their hotel. An emergency meeting is called every time a stain is seen of a wall. The Taj had an unusually large number of mirrors or probably the theme was china-town and mirrors were some how linked to ceramics. Another parallel is that they had been put there to cover the stains on the wall. Either way, one could see herself self every-where. Whenever a batch passes out of Tapti, the pass-outs plant a tree. There is a rumour that the Amazon women passing out, fit a mirror on the wall instead.

In the so-called quadrangle which is as big as a single room in any boys hostel, the Amazon women had organised a Juke-box. The same songs played in the other hostels were played here too. A few profs and a few wives danced there. The RGs had also been put up there. There were a few uninvited bachelors waiting outside the hotel, waiting for a miracle to happen. Nothing happened.

This was a great week, Alak and Ganga left. Lots of unnecessary criticism still left.

Mu ha ha haaa ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
--- Oscar Wilde


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