Friday, July 23, 2010

No to PJs

Say no to PJs!  Abolish PJs!  Play your part!

PJs* are a cheap source of humour from the common man trying to eliminate competition from talented comedians. What started out as just a joke is now threatening the very existence of all sorts of non-PJs. It all started in 1977 when a professor of IIT Madras from the DOMS department cracked a PJ just as a joke and people happened to laugh at it just to mock the joke. Since then PJs have started growing rapidly and today, 78% of all the jokes that are cracked are considered poor.

*(not to be confused with PH which is the measure of proton concentration in a solution on a negative log scale)

PJs are threatening the existence of other forms of Comedy such as Situational comedy, Sarcasm, Puns, Anecdotes, Dark humour, catch tales, irony, mocks, spoofs, practical jokes, dead baby jokes and so on. The governments of over 212 countries have signed a treaty to control the number of PJs cracked each day but in vain. A few organisations have been set up to revive the endangered forms of comedy. UNECRO (United Nations Endangered Comedy Revival Organisation) has been set up with Matt Groening as president to make sure the other forms of comedy don't go extinct.

You can do your part to control the rapid spreading of PJs
  • Protect yourself: When you know some one is about to crack a PJ, think about dying kittens and make yourself sad. This is one of the most effective forms of protections available.
  • Post laughter precaution: If you happen to laugh at a PJ, the best thing you can do is immediately insult the PJer to make sure he feels bad and doesn't crack more PJs.
  • Abstinence: The best way to handle PJs would be to abstain yourself from the need for laughter. Although difficult at first, its easy to master. Within a few years you will be an abstainee.
  • If you see a person cracking a PJ, go tell him about the dangers of PJs. Educate him of the rights and the wrongs. The greatest battle is the battle not fought but if he doesn't listen, he is all yours.
  • No matter what happens, do not laugh. Laughter may be the best medicine but laughing at a PJ could be the best medicine for the PJ as well. Laughter encourages people to crack more PJs.
  • Organise regular public gatherings where you can spread awareness about the negatives of PJs. You could start of in your campus or office and it can grow with time.
  • Scoring system: Whenever a person cracks a PJ, give him a -10. When he cracks a good joke, give him a +10. Maintain scores of each person you know in a spread sheet and keep them informed about their scores. The human tendency to improve himself will take care of the rest.
  • File a petition to make it illegal to crack a PJ. It would help a lot if there was a law preventing the crackage of PJs. A few petitions have been filed already, offer your support!

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. The power is yours!


Arun said...

Thank you da.. you have showed how powerful we are :)

Sravan ~~~Music Is My Passion said...

Hey Kashyap,
How can I offer my support ? ( In accordance with your point 9 )

Point 6 : And I think you should be the first one to organize the meetings and let atleast a few aware of the negatives , so that they in turn RECURSIVELY organize them covering entire Insti... :D

Ninad said...

hmm ... interesting ..
btw as there was no DoMS in 1977 , said faculty was in HS dept I guess ..... :P

Arun said...

Say Yes to PJs