Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ads in protest signs

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to hurt anyone or make fun of their protests. If you are protesting right now, the author wishes you all the best and is in full support of your cause.

Protests happen everyday and are all over the news. This sparked the author's thoughts and he came up with a really cool idea of using the protest signs to advertise products. A lot of real estate on the protest signs are unused and it could potentially generate revenue for both the corporation and the protestor.

Here is a small demo of how corporations could potentially add ads in protest signs and provide them for free for protestors. The new innovative idea seems like a win-win situation for both corporations and protestors unless of course the protesters are protesting against the corporation.

"A certain ethnic group is under attack, drink Pepsi and chill out you damn attackers!"

"Do not tolerate violence against women, instead go to Subway and eat fresh!"

"Hey! Injustice! Have a break! Have a kitkat!"

"I am Julian Assange and I studied at IIPM, #1 in intellectual impact and global exposure."

"The 99% are killing the 1%, so I wore fastrack goggles and moved on"

"Don't eat this tree, for no one can eat just once!"

"Don't be a homo! Eat Lijjat Papad instead. Tasty bhi, healthy bhi!"

"This is my protest sign and I use a fairness cream that is meant for me, a man! <Fair and lovely men's fairness cream> It may not be chemically different but the ad says this is for men and this is what I will use!"

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